We Offer Online Remote Support Now!

Now offer online remote desktop, laptop, and smart-phone support, through the software “AnyDesk Remote Desktop App,” from https://www.anydesk.com. AnyDesk Remote Desktop App application is a secure way to connecting to multiple devices, allow us to help customers and clients remotely from our office, with installing software on PC, Mac, configuring email on smart-phones.

Anydesk Remote Desktop App can be installed on Apple MACs, IOS devices, and TvOS, Windows OS, Linux OS, and Android OS.

We offer Online remote support to anyone with issues and to any computer or laptop (PC & MAC) we build or fix.

  1. low-level Malware and Virus Clean-up.
  2. OS and Software Performance tune-up.
  3. Software installations
  4. OS updates.
  5. Disk space clean-up.

We can fix almost any problem through remote support sessions, as long as the problem is not hardware related or a corrupted operating system, these type of issues would require us to in front of the PC or MAC it must then come into the shop.

Other examples there are some malware and virus that can only be removed by cleaning off the PC using a Boot CD or USB Drive. This requires physical access to the PC or MAC.

If you subscribe to our monthly remote support contract subscription for $19.95 a month. You get 8 remote support sessions per month.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application that works on multiple different platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and ISO devices. AnyDesk allow us to help you remotely Access devices from PC to Mobile phone and/or tablets. Give us a wide range of support options.

It is a very popular platform, and it is very secure. It also the affordable platform for us to I have 3 active concurrent sessions at one time and I put the agents on multiple systems. Under our company’s account in our address book, allowing us remotely access your PC when you call us.

You can download AnyDesk from https://www.anydesk.com.

Why remotely support?

Quicker, diagnosis, repair and recovery, if we can remotely access the logs and the system itself we can determine faster what the problem is, many common problems can be fix remotely, there no need for onsite technician and/or to bring the system into the shop.

Our most common problems have showing a customer how to configure email on there system, or show them how to install a printer, set a printer as a default printer, and so on. Many common viruses, malware, and spyware can be repaired remotely.

Remote support also allows technicians to work without clients or customers get in there way. The client or customer if they choose can go off and do other work while the technician tries to fix there issue.

Another big benefit if the client or customer needs computer during the day or in the evening the technician can work on the system during the client or customers downtime as long as the technician has administrator rights. This allows for more productive workflows.

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