So, the shop has been open on and off for a few weeks, I been working to help a friend who has MSP Clients Migrate email off On-Premise Exchange or another example one example build a new and fully patched Exchange Server and New AD Network for one his clients. Here are is the reason why? The client has not patched the Windows Server OS or Exchange Server for years, so it has taken us a few days to patch the existing server. I work for a company whose lead Engineer refused to Patch the On-premise Exchange Server because and I quote “We will be moving to Online Exchange Soon!” He has probably had few bad weeks. “Never put off what you can do today.” This you need to patch your Exchange Server on a regular schedule.

I become an MCSA in Windows 2000 in 2003, and we are now in up Windows server 2019, with Windows Server 2022 around the corner. One thing has not changed “Patch your servers regularly!”
You may need to apply other patches before you apply the patch you need.

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