This IS A Shame!!!

I working getting parts at wholesale and watching videos on how to step my shop and I found these videos, please watch I know there old videos but I wonder if this still happens?

I built my first PC at 13 years old and I have work as a professional computer network & systems administrator or engineer for 15 years. I have worked for small and large MSP (Manage Services Provider) in the New York City area and some of them as just as bad as people and businesses in these videos. This the reason I started my own company.

This behavior is unbelieve. This givens us in the computer repair business a bad reputation. An like a gentleman said in one of the videos “if this continues we are have same reputation as a used car salesman.”

I spent money and hours in schooling to get my certifications and now I opening my own place, it maybe very difficult to get clients and jobs because of this behavior.

Buyer beware!

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Published by Charles Onaje Lucas

otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.

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