Welcome to Otaku Computer Guy! ( Otaku is Japanese for Obsession)

Everyone needs a good friend who is good with computers; that is the essence of Otaku Computer Guy! We are your best friend who is good with computers.

I am Obsessed with computer systems and networks.

I am Professionally certified, I would help you with all your computer needs.

We would love to be yours! Your time is too valuable; let us take care of everything and make your life simple again. Friendly and professional.

We are devoted to you—our client–obsessed with your computer systems and network needs! We know how to listen! We will connect with you, discuss the  issues that  are troubling you—and provide the assistance you need.

Technology—the  computer and Internet—often seem intimidating and confusing.  We can help! We’ll  provide clarity. We’ll  listen to your concerns,  troubleshoot your issues—and solve your problems

Unlike some  others in the  computer world,  we won’t try to sell you parts or services you don’t need.

Like a knowledgeable, dependable  doctor,  we’ll diagnose your problems—and  provide a cure.

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About the Owner:

Otaku Computer Guy! Is a Black-owned and operated business in Flushing, Queens, New York. We build custom designed and Gaming and Multimedia PCs. We offer I.T. Managed Services, IT Consultant, Web Design and Development, PC/Laptop Repairs and support. Read more

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