Welcome to Otaku Computer Guy!

( Otaku is Japanese for Obsession)

Everyone needs a good friend who is good with computers systems and computer networks.

That friend is the essence of Otaku Computer Guy! We are your best friend who is good with computers.

I am Obsessed with computer systems and networks.

I am Professionally certified, I would help you with all your computer needs.

We would love to be yours! Your time is too valuable; let us take care of everything and make your life simple again. Friendly and professional.

We are devoted to you—our client–obsessed with your computer systems and network needs! We know how to listen! We will connect with you, discuss the issues that are troubling you—and provide the assistance you need.

Technology—the computer and Internet—often seem intimidating and confusing.  We can help! We’ll provide clarity. We’ll listen to your concerns,  troubleshoot your issues—and solve your problems.

Unlike some others in the computer world,  we won’t try to sell you parts or services you don’t need.

Like a knowledgeable, dependable doctor,  we’ll diagnose your problems—and provide a cure.
We Offer:

Computer and Laptop Repair and maintenance Services:
Standard Computer and Laptop Repair and maintenance.
We specialized in repair and maintenance of gaming and multimedia Computers.

Custom hand-built PC systems and Servers:
■ Mukltimedia PCs
■ Gaming PCs
■ Streaming PCs
Custom hand-built Firewalls
Customer hand-built Servers, SAN, and NAS

Remote Support and Service
■ AnyDesk Remote Client.
■ Remote Online Support Services for all clients and customers.

IT Managed Services and Support:
■ Services and Support to Home and Home offices.
■ Services and Support to small businesses (less than 30 end-users)
■ IT project planning and management
■ IT Consultant Services

Proud member of Freelancers Union

Screened Contractor on HomeAdvisor

Top Rated Contractor - Otaku Computer Guy!, LLC

HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award - Otaku Computer Guy!, LLC

HomeAdvisor Tenured Pro - Otaku Computer Guy!, LLC

Our Technology blog:

We now Offer Full Data Recovery Services – Through DriverSavers!

Hello everyone! We have get news for our clients and customers. Until yesterday we could only recover data from hard-drives that could be power up and accessed through USB hard-drive connectors and/or duplicators. We needed be able to access the drive, as of yesterday we can offer full services data recovery through driversavers. We justContinue reading “We now Offer Full Data Recovery Services – Through DriverSavers!”


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About Otaku Computer Guy!

Otaku Computer Guy! Is a Black-owned and operated business in Flushing, Queens, New York. We build custom designed and Gaming and Multimedia PCs. We offer I.T. Managed Services, IT Consultant, Web Design and Development, PC/Laptop Repairs and support. Read more

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