We Are Changing Prices !

We opened in February 2021, we based on customer feedback and how earning and spending money as well as based upon client and customer request services and support. We are lowering so pricing and make the shop as affordable as we can without cutting into our profits. Home and Home office remote support services (usingContinue reading “We Are Changing Prices !”

We Offer Online Remote Support Now!

Now offer online remote desktop, laptop, and smart-phone support, through the software “AnyDesk Remote Desktop App,” from https://www.anydesk.com. AnyDesk Remote Desktop App application is a secure way to connecting to multiple devices, allow us to help customers and clients remotely from our office, with installing software on PC, Mac, configuring email on smart-phones. Anydesk RemoteContinue reading “We Offer Online Remote Support Now!”

Opening my Computer Services Shop in Flushing, Queens, NY.

I will be working privately as a Professional Computer repair shop. I will be studying for new certifications, renewing old certification, and getting additional training in systems like Windows, Unix, and Linux, and networks. , Besides, I training in DevOps (Still in training), Full Stack Web Developer (in practice), developer (in training C++ and Java),Continue reading “Opening my Computer Services Shop in Flushing, Queens, NY.”

Professional vs. Non-Professional

I and a Windows (Wintel) Systems Administrator by training and experience. I also have worked as a Network administrator and had a Completed  CCNA course work. When joining my friend Vizo at Vulcans Logic Networks; Vizo introduce me to “Eli the Computer Guy”  I realized I wasn’t a real profession for the 13 years. TrueContinue reading “Professional vs. Non-Professional”

New post coming shortly

I just finished more all the old post from “Hackers Labs” to “Otaku Computer Guy!” New Post coming shortly. By the way if any of you have any questions or would to see something reviewed, posted, or talk about on the site. Just comment below or send an email. I would happy to write somethingContinue reading “New post coming shortly”

CISCO Router Password List

I found this list of default passwords used in routers the may help you taking control of systems and networking equipment from another admin I lot of system and network admins are either too busy or lazy to change the default logins to there devices (sometimes they can’t). Please, change your default passwords if you can.Continue reading “CISCO Router Password List”

Windows OS Memory

Here are some notes I made on Memory for windows OS and NOS operating systems.  Memory maximums for current Microsoft® Windows OS’s include:   32-bit OS Windows 8 (32 bit) Windows 8 Enterprise: 4 GB Windows 8 Professional: 4 GB Windows 8 Home: 4 GB   Windows 7 (32 bit) Ultimate: 4 GB Enterprise: 4Continue reading “Windows OS Memory”

Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites

Here is a great article. ———————————————————————————————————— Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites Summary: Whether it’s being attacked by repeat-offender hackers or a zero-day vulnerability, Parallels’ Plesk Panel has become a hot target on the internet. By Michael Lee | July 11, 2012 — 05:13 GMT (22:13 PDT) http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/follow_button.1355514129.html#_=1355760622160&id=twitter-widget-0&lang=en&screen_name=mukimu&show_count=false&show_screen_name=true&size=m Popular web hosting management software, Plesk Panel, is underContinue reading “Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites”