Closing the Shop until January 2023

I had to take up a part-time job, so we will be changing our shop hours to Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturday, and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM.

We will also be redesigning the inside of the shop, so we can do more repairs and start filming training videos and PC repair Videos for our YouTube Channel.

We are currently building and testing our IT infrastructure for MSP (Managed Service Provider) services that will be available in February 2023.

We will handing services calls for existing customers only!

Starting in January 2023 there will a new pricing for all services. An we will no longer be doing free Diagnostics.

Starting in January 2023 our Services will divided into residential and Commercial (Business) customs.

In January 2023 Customers and Clients will need to purchase support agreements and Contracts after a completed job to get additional support.

We will creating online forms and applications that must be completed before accepting a job. Any incorrect information give to us, must be corrected before we can start or complete a job. If we can’t contact you to pickup or delivery you devices or computers . We will also start charging delivery fees for drop off .

All services and pricing will be posted to our website as well as our new shop hours.

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