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Hello everyone:
I had to take on a part-time job as IT Systems Administrator. I also may take on a full-time 100% remote position as well. I have returned to school to finish my degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The Shop hours will be flexible going forward. An will be adjusted around my work and school schedule.

New Shop Hours!
Otaku Computer Guy! Will be operating for customers and other clients Saturdays, and Sundays between 12PM and 6PM. The new hours are reflection of my new part-time work schedule if the job turns full-time, We will only be open Sunday and some Saturdays.

Computer and Laptop Services Prices Increased.
Starting August 1st, 2022 this services will no longer be include as part of onsite support. These are prices for labor only. Parts are a separate charge and includes NYC and NYS Sales Tax.
Please, see our Price Page.

Remotely sessions! Moving to a Subscriber based System.
Remote Sessions without a Subscription Online Support Contract, will charge $59.99 per session. (Residential/Home-Office), cost $684.82 a year to maintenance the contract for usage and support. If you do not have one of the Online Support Subscriptions you will be charged $59.99 starting this Feburary 1st, 2023.

Home and Home-office end-users Online Support Contract and Agreement
(home-offices will be define as have up 5 end-user or less, each user will be supported for 1 pc, one phone, one tablet, and one laptop each) monthly subscription will start at $19.95 per month, with up to 3 hours and phone and online support. If you go over your 3 hours per month, you will be charge $5.00 per hour within that month.

Onsite visits and support for Home and Home-offices.
Start in August 1st, 2022 will increasing our prices for onsite visits. Onsite visits without a monthly Subscription for onsite support contract and Agreement. Will $120 per visit and the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, Long Island) and onsite visits in Manhattan will cost $240. We had to increases prices for onsite visit due to gas prices and paying for parking. We will support basic home networks (ISP Vendor and/or Consumer Based Router, Firewalls, switches, enterprise level equipment, will need to purchase IT Managed Services) .

Onsite visits with No Contracts and Agreements.
Home users will be charged $120 ($240 in Manhattan), which covers the first hour and anything over one hour with $49.99 Per hour. Small Businesses to medium size businesses will be charged 75.99 per hour after going over the first hour.
Thank You! Sorry for the increase in our prices.

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