We now Offer Full Data Recovery Services – Through DriverSavers!

Hello everyone!

We have get news for our clients and customers. Until yesterday we could only recover data from hard-drives that could be power up and accessed through USB hard-drive connectors and/or duplicators.

We needed be able to access the drive, as of yesterday we can offer full services data recovery through driversavers.

We just accepted and have joined The “Driver Savers” reseller program. Now if you have a driver that can’t power up or spin.

We can ship it to “DriverSavers”. If they can’t recover your data there is no charge, and our customers get !0 off through us and have the options of payment plans to pay for any data recovered.

We are very happy and proud to be able to now offer this services.

If we can not recovery your data in shop and have a second option for you now. “DriverSavers” and Government level clean rooms and open damage and/or inaccessible hard-drives and some devices

We will no longer turn costumers away with drivers that no accessible by normal means.

Our in house price will remain, $79.99 to recover the data if the driver is accessible and can powered on, if the driver is dead and will send to “DriverSavers”, there will be not charge if we can;t recover the data inhouse.

The process is sample, you ask us to recover the data, we will attempt if we can’t we give back and you contact DriverSavers and ship driver yourself or we can process the order for you, DriverSaver will you and/or us a quote base on how much data is recoverable. You only for recovery data.

“DriverSavers” and has been is business since 1985 and is the top data recovery company in the world use many of our worlds governments to recovery data.

Published by Charles Onaje Lucas

otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.

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