Opening my Own Private I.T. Business Services.

Vulcans Logic Networks Enterprise is taking a break, we will not be taking on any new clients, and will be the focus on the build if infrastructure and finances.  We have reached a point where we will get venture capital to hire staff and bookkeepers.

We are putting together a business plan and additional paperwork need for this process.

I will be working privately as I.T. Professional and provide services from the systems (Windows, Unix, and Linux) and network engineer, DevOps (Still in training), Full Stack Web Developer (in training), developer (in training C++ and Java), Graphic and web design, and Computer and Laptop repairs  to pay my bills and work from home.

I will give a percentage of my earning to fund Vulcans Logic Networks Enterprises, Inc.

I will work under the name “Otaku Computer Guy” and will provide resources on the blog, podcast too.

I just can’t do this 9 to 5 thing anymore unless I being paid what I am worth, and I can make my hours and schedule. I need to pay my bills, I owe a house, insurance, I own a car, I still believe in Vulcans Logic Networks Enterprise but I feel I need more training and I need to have the financial backing to help build the company up.

I think I need additional practice in project management, managing myself and late at my current job I been as to manage others.

This big responsible there I learned to keep track of and how to follow-up to make sure people get there task done by a deadline.

I going to post a few articles about this, this really been a learning curve and it really important the older you get and when 10 + years of experience they want to natural manage people and projects.

This blog is about what I learning and any tips I can help my reads with.






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