Repair and Troubleshooting Prices

The prices below only for the service or labor the purchase of hardware, parts or software is not included in the prices below.

New PC Setup
You brought a new PC and need it setup, connect your printer, wireless network, connect your smartphone, etc. Price: $80.99

PC or Laptop Diagnostic Testing
A complete PC diagnostic testing to provide an in-depth report of the current health of your computer and estimated life expectancy and if you need any additional services.
Price: $60.99

Wireless Network & Network Installation, troubleshooting
A computer repair technician will securely install your wireless network on all your devices. Or Troubleshoot existing devices.
Price: $100.99

PC or Laptop Hardware Repair
If you need to add a new hard drive, RAM, video card, power supply, or more. The prices below only for the service or labor the purchase of hardware, parts or software is not included in the prices below.
Price: $55.99

Software Installation or Troubleshooting
If you need software installed or are having trouble installing software, or just software troubleshooted.
Price: $40.99

PC Tune, and Virus & Malware , Spyware Removal.
PC running slow, your computer may need a tune up, it may have adware, malware, virus, worm, or trojan, a local technician can remove them all without the need of losing any of your data (most of the time).
Price: $60.99

Complete Systems Diagnostic, Tune Up, etc
A complete PC Tune-up including virus, adware, and Trojan removal, computer upgrades, and computer speed up, hardware replacement.

In-house Data Recovery
Devices must be accessible and be able to power it up. Most of the time a computer repair shop can recover and save any lost data including documents and pictures even if your computer won’t turn on. This can get expensive depending on the state of the machine but prices begin around $100.  (the device can’t be accessed, you will not be charged.  You can go through our Data Recovery Partner Driver-Savers. Our Customers and Client get 10% off.
Price: 75.99

Operating System, Installation, Reinstallation, and replacement

Installation or reinstalling of  MacOS 
Please, installation Media 
Without installation Media
Price: $180.99

Installation or Reinstallation of Operating Systems Linux or Unix
If you need a fresh start, we recommend a new installation of your operating system to make things run smooth again. A computer repair shop will also backup and restore your documents and pictures after installation.
Price: $80.99

Installation Windows OS
Please, installation Media 
Without installation Media
Price: $300.99

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