CISCO Router Password List

I found this list of default passwords used in routers the may help you taking control of systems and networking equipment from another admin I lot of system and network admins are either too busy or lazy to change the default logins to there devices (sometimes they can’t). Please, change your default passwords if you can.Continue reading “CISCO Router Password List”

Windows OS Memory

Here are some notes I made on Memory for windows OS and NOS operating systems.  Memory maximums for current Microsoft® Windows OS’s include:   32-bit OS Windows 8 (32 bit) Windows 8 Enterprise: 4 GB Windows 8 Professional: 4 GB Windows 8 Home: 4 GB   Windows 7 (32 bit) Ultimate: 4 GB Enterprise: 4Continue reading “Windows OS Memory”

Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites

Here is a great article. ———————————————————————————————————— Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites Summary: Whether it’s being attacked by repeat-offender hackers or a zero-day vulnerability, Parallels’ Plesk Panel has become a hot target on the internet. By Michael Lee | July 11, 2012 — 05:13 GMT (22:13 PDT) Popular web hosting management software, Plesk Panel, is underContinue reading “Hackers leverage Plesk Panel to attack websites”

Outlook Hangs when Synchronizing Subscribed Folders

Well, I going to start to finally use this blog; most likely as a journal and to post stuff learned at work. So let’s get started. I didn’t write this article, it was written May 11, 2012, by Joseph Hanna. This is a common problem that has a popped up with my end users andContinue reading “Outlook Hangs when Synchronizing Subscribed Folders”